Shhhhh….. it’s a secret!

What better way to start of my crafty blogging than to announce my membership in a very secret society, so secret in fact that we have existed among you for some time now and you NEVER knew! Mwah-ha-ha!   We are a membership of the finest, the most amazing, and creative. We are clever and brilliant yet often times, modest about our fantastic skills and superpowers (that’s why we don’t wear masks or silly costumes – unless we choose to – and then they’re handmade and super amazing.)

What is this noble and secret society? This collection of the best? This, if you don’t know the secret handshake you don’t get in? By the way, we don’t do knocks, our hands are too precious for that. Well, it is the Embroidery Megalomaniacs Inc. Our goal is world domination by way of creating embroidery of all kind that doesn’t suck. As our leader says, we are “vanquishing lame teddy bear samplers, banishing bad embroidery.” Our cause is to bring to the world by making, sharing, and promoting cool and modern embroidery, whatever the style. There is no hate between cross-stitch and free embroidery – we are all sisters (and brothers) in the world of great stitching! Our dedication is to take this amazing creative art form and raise it to new levels of coolness.

If you would like to join this ultra secret society, click here. And shhhhhh… don’t tell anyone – we’re a secret society.




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